During these uncertain, ambiguous and social distancing times, the collective amygdala, our collective survival mechanism is triggered and that is causing the fight-flight-freeze response.

Fear, anxiety, stress, and panic are flooding our brain by stress hormones (Cortisol and Adrenaline). This not only narrows our focus it also decreases our creativity and problem-solving ability and it weakens our immune system to a large extent.

To overcome the amygdala hijack and calm down your stress hormones,  you can do the following breathing exercise:

- Sit with your spine upright.

- Close your eyes.

- Breathe in deeply from your nose to your lower abdomen filling it up to your chest.

- Pause and hold your breath - to the count of 2.

- Breathe out from your nose, in a controlled, relaxed, and continuous, releasing air from your chest first down to your lower abdomen.

- Pause - to the count of 2.

- Repeat this for 10 times, or few minutes.

- Focus on your breathing throughout the exercise.

What this exercise does, is that it immediately bring down your heart rate, slow down your breathing and quiet your mind, hence, calming down your fear, anxiety, stress, and panic. Then you will be able to act from a thoughtful place without ignoring your feelings.

A quiet mind is a dealing mind (Deepak Chopra).


We are all in this together.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy


About the Author

As Executive Director of Resilience & Co FZE, Nada El Marji is responsible for setting the company’s overall strategic direction, including planning and defining the strategy, development, and evolution of R&CO’s portfolio of services and programs.

She has more than 20 years of global experience in various industries and technologies.

Given her life and professional experience, she’s particularly passionate about building the resilience of individuals, organizations and communities, enabling them to thrive and not just to survive during VUCA times.

Ms El Marji holds an MBA degree from Leicester University in the UK, she's also a Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Systemic Team Coach and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF).



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