As you embark on this New Year, reflecting on your performance and lessons learned during 2019, and while setting your goals and intentions for 2020, keep 'balancing' at the back of your mind.

Most of my clients, colleagues, friends and family members have repetitively complained that 'it is becoming more and more challenging to have a work-life balance', this phrase has become the 'mantra' of this era. Since the inception of the Internet, the pace of life has increased drastically, and slowing down doesn't show on the horizon.

When setting your goals and intentions connect first with who you are at your core, remember what matters the most to you, think of what energizes you, what inspires you and what keeps you going forward in life.

One of the visual tools that I like to use when planning my year is the Wheel of Balanced Life; it is a simple and yet powerful tool to use. It provides an instant visual view of the important areas of life, rates the level of satisfaction with each area, and spot out the areas that need more attention and efforts in order to reach a balanced life and have a smooth journey throughout the year. Below is an example of the tool, if the shape of your wheel of life is similar to the orange dotted wheel, then you can imagine how bumpy your journey would be in 2020.

How get teams and units to collaborate effectively for a bigger purpose?

Outstanding leaders through the history of mankind mastered the science of being and the art of living. Avoiding burnouts through the year starts by planning your year ahead, having a holistic approach, defining your goals for the important categories in your life, i.e. work, health, family, social, financials, personal growth and so on. Ask yourself, which of these categories would you need to improve? What are the three actions you could take to improve a specific area of your life? And how could you make space for these changes?

We are mostly driven and focused on achieving our professional goals; we need to foster the same level of commitment to achieving our wellbeing goals. Share and talk about your vision and plan with your family, friends, colleagues or coach, think of what help and support you might need from them to make these changes and have a balanced and fulfilled life.

Remember the above image of the wheel, if your wheel of life is not balanced, your journey will be bumpy. Let 'balancing' be your new 'mantra'.


About the Author

As Executive Director of Resilience & Co FZE, Nada El Marji is responsible for setting the company’s overall strategic direction, including planning and defining the strategy, development, and evolution of R&CO’s portfolio of services and programs.

She has more than 20 years of global experience in various industries and technologies.

Given her life and professional experience, she’s particularly passionate about building the resilience of individuals, organizations and communities, enabling them to thrive and not just to survive during VUCA times.

Ms El Marji holds an MBA degree from Leicester University in the UK, she's also a Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Systemic Team Coach and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 



Executive Director of Resilience & Co - Nada El Marji


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